Freebie: Bookmarks!

The statistics from our Twitter Poll showed that ya’ll wanted some bookmarks! We decided it is better to have some choices, so we created three for you to choose from. All pictures used for these bookmarks are COPYRIGHTED. These pictures, in full form, are available for purchase at . As always, feel free to share this post and our store link! If you want … Continue reading Freebie: Bookmarks!

Where I got “educated” about blogging:

When I became interested in blogging, I read a lot of “For Dummies” books. I watched several YouTube videos to see what I was getting into.  I enjoy the concept of Blogging so here I am! I found that WordPress would be the best fit for my Blogging platform. I tried Blogger but it was more difficult than I expected to get traffic on that … Continue reading Where I got “educated” about blogging: