Everneath: Book Review

By: Brody Ashton Book 1 Is there a heaven? Is there a hell?  What about purgatory?  Does it exist? Nikki disappeared without a trace and even though her family and friends searched tirelessly for her they could not find her anywhere.  Everyone assumes that she was a runaway.  Maybe on drugs or doing bad things for drugs.   Now Nikki is back.  Nikki has been … Continue reading Everneath: Book Review

Social Suicide: Book Review

By: Gemma Halliday A Deadly Cool Novel This is book two in the “Deadly Cool Novel” series.  Hartley is back and she is on the lookout for another killer.  When Sydney was caught cheating on a test at school, she was removed from the ballot for homecoming court.  She was also dumped by her boyfriend and grounded by her parents.  When she ends up dead … Continue reading Social Suicide: Book Review

Deadly Cool: Book Review

By: Gemma Halliday Hartley has just found out that her high school boyfriend has been cheating on her with the captain of the Chastity Club.  She heads over to his house with her best friend Samantha and finds the girl dead in his closet.  Hartley doesn’t believe that he has killed this girl, even though he has been lying about the intimate nature of their … Continue reading Deadly Cool: Book Review