The Perfectionists: Book Review

Sara Shepard One night, Nolan Hotchkiss throws an extravagant party. When everyone wakes up, he is found dead in a bedroom. There are many suspects when the autopsy revealed it was a homicide. He was the most popular guy in school but also the bully everyone wanted to avoid. There were many people who wanted to get back at him for the rumors he had … Continue reading The Perfectionists: Book Review

Pieces of Her: Book Review

By: Karin Slaughter Andrea is a thirty-one-year-old woman who returns home to help her mother recover from breast cancer. She remains living in the apartment above her mother’s garage even after her mother recovers. On Andy’s birthday she meets her mother at the mall in order to have a birthday meal.  What no one ever expected was for gunman to open fire. Andrea’s mother, Laura, … Continue reading Pieces of Her: Book Review