Pale as Death: Book Review

By: Heather Graham Throughout history there have been many unsolved murder cases.  One of the most famous unsolved mysteries the Black Dahlia.  Back in the 1940’s the Black Dahlia case had several different theories swirling around in the media and in law enforcement in general.  In this story, young actresses are being murdered in the copy cat fashion of this famous case. A member of … Continue reading Pale as Death: Book Review

Everneath: Book Review

By: Brody Ashton Book 1 Is there a heaven? Is there a hell?  What about purgatory?  Does it exist? Nikki disappeared without a trace and even though her family and friends searched tirelessly for her they could not find her anywhere.  Everyone assumes that she was a runaway.  Maybe on drugs or doing bad things for drugs.   Now Nikki is back.  Nikki has been … Continue reading Everneath: Book Review

A Sister’s Wish: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray The Charmed Amish Life Book Three The Kinsinger family is continuing to recover from the fire/explosion that happened at their family mill. Lukas has married Darla. Rebecca has married Jacob. Levi is still away handling his grief and Amelia is caring for the family home. Amelia is the focus of this book in the Kinsinger series. Amelia has always been in … Continue reading A Sister’s Wish: Book Review

Lady Notorious: Book Review

By: Theresa Romain In this historical romance novel, the members of the ton are at it again! Years ago, an unfortunate bet was made between ten members of the ton. All the men contributed money into a fund and the last man standing was to receive the money.  Someone has become inpatient to inherit this money.  People who have contributed to the fund are dying. … Continue reading Lady Notorious: Book Review

What Ales the Earl: Book Review

By: Sally MacKenzie This is a historical romance novel.  It takes place in the time of Dukes and Duchesses and Earls and Countesses. Harry and Pen have been friends since they were approximately seven years old. That friendship develops into a teenage romance.  They were in love and became intimate.  However, they could never marry because Pen is the daughter of a farmer and Harry … Continue reading What Ales the Earl: Book Review

The Lieutenant’s Bargain: Book Review

By: Regina Jennings The Fort Reno Series This is the second book in the series.  Jack is a Lieutenant at Fort Reno and he has been in love with Hattie since childhood. They grew up together and Jack tried desperately to impress Hattie whenever possible.  However, Hattie did not understand what Jack was trying to do.  Her perspective of Jack was not very favorable.  She … Continue reading The Lieutenant’s Bargain: Book Review

Dead Ever After: Book Review

By: Charlaine Harris The Final Sookie Stackhouse Novel Sookie is back in this final installment of this vampire series. In this story, Sookie is once again ensconced with the super naturals in the Bon Temps area.  This is the final book and some fan favorites return and some relationships are tested.  Sookie is put on trial for murder and she needs the help and support … Continue reading Dead Ever After: Book Review

The Forgiving Jar: Book Review

By: Wanda E. Brunstetter Michelle and the Lapp Grandparents are back in book 2 of The Prayer Jar series. In this installment, Michelle returns to Lancaster county and apologizes to the Lapp Grandparents.  The Lapp’s invite Michelle to stay with them while she looks for a job and is courted by Ezekiel.  The Lapp’s actual granddaughter, Sarah, also comes to stay with her grandparents in … Continue reading The Forgiving Jar: Book Review

The Hawaiian Quilt

By: Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter                 Mandy has always been interested in the Hawaiian Islands.  She has been saving for a long time to make the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii.  Together with her three best friends, she sets out on a cruise.  The friends, Mandy, Sadie, Ellen and Barbara, split up to see the sights off the cruise ship.  Mandy and … Continue reading The Hawaiian Quilt