Destination Wedding: Movie Review

Staring: Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder             As the title states, this movie is about a man and a woman that are attending a destination wedding.  The wedding requires that they fly to the location.  Frank and Lindsay meet for the first time at the airport and bicker from the start.  Then they end up next to one another on the plane and at the … Continue reading Destination Wedding: Movie Review

Siren: Book Review

By: Kiera Cass             Kahlen was a passenger on a when out of nowhere the members on the ship heard  mesmerizing singing coming from the ocean. Kahlen was saved because she begged for her life.  She did not want to die.  The Ocean made a deal with her.  The Ocean requires one hundred years of service, singing people into the ocean to die, in order … Continue reading Siren: Book Review

Full Disclosure: Book Review

BY: Dee Henderson             This is the story of FBI agent Paul Falcon and MHI cop Ann Silver.  It is the story of how they meet and fall in love.             Ann comes across some information on a case that Paul has been working on for several years.  The Lady Shooter case. The Lady Shooter had killed thirty people during her time as a paid … Continue reading Full Disclosure: Book Review

The Apothecary’s Poison: Book Review

By: C.J. Archer Glass and Steele Book three In this story, India and Matt continue to look for the magical watchmaker that created his watch.  Time seems to be running short and the search is on. However, there are complications. Matt’s Aunt Letty is throwing every available debutante his direction.  After an article is printed in the newspaper that suggests that there may be a … Continue reading The Apothecary’s Poison: Book Review

The Mapmaker’s Apprentice: Book Review

By: C.J. Archer Glass and Steele Book Two This is the second installment in the Glass and Steele series. In this story, both Matt and India are still on the hunt for the man who infused his magic into Matt’s watch.  The watch is continuing to deteriorate and both a magical watchmaker and a magical physician are needed. The search is interrupted when the police … Continue reading The Mapmaker’s Apprentice: Book Review

Why Kill the Innocent: Book Review

By: C.S. Harris A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery This post contains affiliate links! If you purchase using the link(s) provided, we will make a commission. This is another Sebastian St. Cyr mystery book.  In this story, Jane, a music teacher is murdered and found by Sebastian’s wife Hero.  There are several different suspects that all may have reasons to kill the unfortunate Jane.  I listened … Continue reading Why Kill the Innocent: Book Review

The Walking Dead : A Review

To whom it may concern, I would like to start by stating the intent of this letter.  The purpose is to discuss changes that have been made to the show The Walking Dead and explore how these changes have affected its fanbase. Also, to inform the producers about audience reactions to these changes. The Walking Dead has been a fan-favorite for many years. Due to … Continue reading The Walking Dead : A Review