Virginia: Holliday Lake State Park

Holliday Lake is a wonderful place to spend the weekend! They have Paddle-boards and Kayaks available for rent at reasonable prices. The park offers a simple food selection including: hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and potato chips to name a few. They also offer some desserts such as, fried dough and ice cream sandwiches. The water views are amazing. The Lake has several picnic areas … Continue reading Virginia: Holliday Lake State Park

Wild Florida: Gator Park

The Wild Florida Gator Park was an experience to remember! We were able to see different species of alligators of varying lengths. The park sold Alligator Food and we were able to feed the older alligators in the lake! We also had the opportunity to hold and take photos with a baby alligator. The park wasn’t only a place for alligators, but other creatures as … Continue reading Wild Florida: Gator Park