Grave Sight: Book Review

By: Charlaine Harris The Harper Connelly Mysteries             Harper and her stepbrother Tolliver travel together for work. Their job, however, is very unusual.  Harper can find dead people and see their last moments of life. It is not a very well-respected profession and people tend to call on them when they have exhausted other means. The town of Sarne has called on Harper to help … Continue reading Grave Sight: Book Review

Deeply Odd: Book Review

By: Dean Koontz Odd Thomas is back in this engaging story.  Odd has seen a vision of the future in which he sees children being murdered. The vision makes it look like they were being sacrificed in a weird cult ceremony. Odd decides that he must find the culprit and stop the future event from happening.  On his travels he runs into some unusual characters.  … Continue reading Deeply Odd: Book Review

The Promise of Palm Grove: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray Amish Brides of Pinecroft Leona and her two best friends have travelled to Pinecroft to have a last vacation before Leona marries. The Amish girls have been best friends for all their lives.  Leona is betrothed to Edmund. Edmund is an extremely controlling man that does not give any consideration to Leona’s wants or needs.  She has been having several doubts … Continue reading The Promise of Palm Grove: Book Review

Pale as Death: Book Review

By: Heather Graham Throughout history there have been many unsolved murder cases.  One of the most famous unsolved mysteries the Black Dahlia.  Back in the 1940’s the Black Dahlia case had several different theories swirling around in the media and in law enforcement in general.  In this story, young actresses are being murdered in the copy cat fashion of this famous case. A member of … Continue reading Pale as Death: Book Review

Everneath: Book Review

By: Brody Ashton Book 1 Is there a heaven? Is there a hell?  What about purgatory?  Does it exist? Nikki disappeared without a trace and even though her family and friends searched tirelessly for her they could not find her anywhere.  Everyone assumes that she was a runaway.  Maybe on drugs or doing bad things for drugs.   Now Nikki is back.  Nikki has been … Continue reading Everneath: Book Review

Pieces of Her: Book Review

By: Karin Slaughter Andrea is a thirty-one-year-old woman who returns home to help her mother recover from breast cancer. She remains living in the apartment above her mother’s garage even after her mother recovers. On Andy’s birthday she meets her mother at the mall in order to have a birthday meal.  What no one ever expected was for gunman to open fire. Andrea’s mother, Laura, … Continue reading Pieces of Her: Book Review

A Son’s Vow: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray The Charmed Amish Life Book One Tragedy has hit the small town of Charm.  An unexpected fire at the local lumber mill has taken the lives of five of Charm’s citizens. The fire department has ruled the fire/explosion accidental but not everyone agrees with that assessment. Many citizens are playing the blame game and forgiveness does not come easily. Darla and … Continue reading A Son’s Vow: Book Review

The Current: Book Review

By: Tim Johnston Two cases. Ten years apart.  Ten years ago: Sheriff Sutter investigated a case involving a young woman that was hit by a car and thrown into the river. They had a suspect in custody and believed that they had the right man.  However, they did not have the necessary evidence to hold or charge his suspect. He always regretted the fact that … Continue reading The Current: Book Review

Find You In The Dark: Book Review

By: Nathan Ripley Martin is a very rich man.  He sold his Tech company for millions of dollars.  Martin spends his time searching for and digging up the victims of serial killers. He bribes a local police officer for files that help him discover where the victims are buried. He has been married to Ellen for years and Ellen’s sister has been missing for nearly … Continue reading Find You In The Dark: Book Review

I’ve Got Your Number: Book Review

By: Sophie Kinsella Poppy is engaged to be married to Magnus.  She is very excited about the new life that she is about to start and has many hopes for the future. She feels special that Magnus proposed with the family’s heirloom ring, a giant emerald.  While she is out one night with her bridesmaids, she allows them to try on the ring and pass … Continue reading I’ve Got Your Number: Book Review

Can you keep a secret?: Book Review

By: Sophie Kinsella Emma Corrigan is an average girl that has been sent on her first business trip. When the plane hits a fair amount of turbulence, Emma opens up to the man sitting next to her.  She spills all the little secrets that she has been keeping inside herself.  She never expects to see this man again, but fate has other ideas…. Jack visits … Continue reading Can you keep a secret?: Book Review

Dead Ever After: Book Review

By: Charlaine Harris The Final Sookie Stackhouse Novel Sookie is back in this final installment of this vampire series. In this story, Sookie is once again ensconced with the super naturals in the Bon Temps area.  This is the final book and some fan favorites return and some relationships are tested.  Sookie is put on trial for murder and she needs the help and support … Continue reading Dead Ever After: Book Review

The Forgiving Jar: Book Review

By: Wanda E. Brunstetter Michelle and the Lapp Grandparents are back in book 2 of The Prayer Jar series. In this installment, Michelle returns to Lancaster county and apologizes to the Lapp Grandparents.  The Lapp’s invite Michelle to stay with them while she looks for a job and is courted by Ezekiel.  The Lapp’s actual granddaughter, Sarah, also comes to stay with her grandparents in … Continue reading The Forgiving Jar: Book Review

The Hawaiian Discovery: Book Review

By: Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter                 This is the second book in the series.  This book continues the story of the four friends that went to Hawaii on a cruise ship and the two that became stranded there.  Ellen, Barbara, Mandy and Sadie all went together on the cruise ship, but Ellen and Mandy became stranded on the Island of Kauai.  In book … Continue reading The Hawaiian Discovery: Book Review

The Widow: Book Review

By: Fiona Barton                 This Novel is a kidnapping mystery. Two-year-old Bella has disappeared, and Glen Taylor is the main suspect in her disappearance. Glen has just died, and his wife Jean can let all out the secrets that she has been holding onto. The secrets have been stacking up for the last few years.  The book goes back in time and begins with Bella’s … Continue reading The Widow: Book Review

Club Dead: Book Review (Book #3)

By: Charlaine Harris A Sookie Stackhouse Novel                 Sookie Stackhouse is back at it!  She has been slowly sinking deeper into the world of the supernatural.  Her vampire X-boyfriend Bill has gone missing and his boss Eric enlists Sookie to go looking for him.  Sookie is tasked with accompanying a Warewolf into a supernatural club in order to use her gift of telepathy to ‘listen’ … Continue reading Club Dead: Book Review (Book #3)

You Can Trust Me: Book Review

By: Sophie McKenzie                 In this novel, Livy is a typical mother.  She is married to Will and has two children, Zack and Hannah. Livy has had a troubled past. Her older sister, Kara, was brutally murdered when she was at university.  Kara was best friends with Julia when she died. Livy and Julia became best friends over the ensuing years. One day Livy and … Continue reading You Can Trust Me: Book Review

The Affair: Book Review

This post contains affiliate links! If you purchase using the link(s) provided, we will make a commission. BY: Sheryl Browne                 This book is filled with twists and turns from the very first chapter.  The story follows a small family; Justin, Alicia and Sophie.  Each chapter puts into the thoughts of one of the characters in the story. Justin is no stranger to tragedy.  His … Continue reading The Affair: Book Review