Deeply Odd: Book Review

By: Dean Koontz Odd Thomas is back in this engaging story.  Odd has seen a vision of the future in which he sees children being murdered. The vision makes it look like they were being sacrificed in a weird cult ceremony. Odd decides that he must find the culprit and stop the future event from happening.  On his travels he runs into some unusual characters.  … Continue reading Deeply Odd: Book Review

Crisis: Book Review

By:  Robin Cook This is part of the Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery book series. Jack has finally proposed to Laurie and they have set the date for their wedding. After several months of silence, Jacks sister Alexis calls him and requests that he travel to Boston to help her out of a bind.  Alexis is married to a concierge physician named Craig Bowman.  Craig … Continue reading Crisis: Book Review

The Widow: Book Review

By: Fiona Barton                 This Novel is a kidnapping mystery. Two-year-old Bella has disappeared, and Glen Taylor is the main suspect in her disappearance. Glen has just died, and his wife Jean can let all out the secrets that she has been holding onto. The secrets have been stacking up for the last few years.  The book goes back in time and begins with Bella’s … Continue reading The Widow: Book Review

The Closers: Book Review

This post contains affiliate links! If you purchase using the link(s) provided, we will make a commission. By: Michael Connelly A Bosch Novel                 After a long three years of retirement, Harry Bosch is back at the Los Angeles Police Department.  He has been rehired by the department with the sole purpose of working on cold cases. The fist case that he is given involves … Continue reading The Closers: Book Review