Crisis: Book Review

By:  Robin Cook This is part of the Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery book series. Jack has finally proposed to Laurie and they have set the date for their wedding. After several months of silence, Jacks sister Alexis calls him and requests that he travel to Boston to help her out of a bind.  Alexis is married to a concierge physician named Craig Bowman.  Craig … Continue reading Crisis: Book Review

Pale as Death: Book Review

By: Heather Graham Throughout history there have been many unsolved murder cases.  One of the most famous unsolved mysteries the Black Dahlia.  Back in the 1940’s the Black Dahlia case had several different theories swirling around in the media and in law enforcement in general.  In this story, young actresses are being murdered in the copy cat fashion of this famous case. A member of … Continue reading Pale as Death: Book Review

The Perfectionists: Book Review

Sara Shepard One night, Nolan Hotchkiss throws an extravagant party. When everyone wakes up, he is found dead in a bedroom. There are many suspects when the autopsy revealed it was a homicide. He was the most popular guy in school but also the bully everyone wanted to avoid. There were many people who wanted to get back at him for the rumors he had … Continue reading The Perfectionists: Book Review

The Affair: Book Review

This post contains affiliate links! If you purchase using the link(s) provided, we will make a commission. BY: Sheryl Browne                 This book is filled with twists and turns from the very first chapter.  The story follows a small family; Justin, Alicia and Sophie.  Each chapter puts into the thoughts of one of the characters in the story. Justin is no stranger to tragedy.  His … Continue reading The Affair: Book Review