Ingredients: Several packages of peeps 1 bag of mini chocolate chips Several packages of scooby-doo graham cracker snacks Directions: Fill your desired pan with the mini chocolate chips. Line the pan with peeps as shown in the picture below. Pre-Heat the oven to 350 degrees farenheit. Cook until marshmallows (peeps) are partially melted and chocolate is melted completely. Serve with the scooby-doo graham crackers. ENJOY! Continue reading Peep-Smores!

Where to eat in Forest & Lynchburg, Virginia

Blaze Pizza – Lynchburg, Virginia This restaurant is a make-your-own pizza place! They have so many different options! As seen below, I enjoy Hawaiian pizza (my own style)! The team-members were extremely polite and kind. I definitely recommend this place! Sweet Frog – Forest, Virginia This awesome ice-cream shop is located in a shopping center. They have many frozen yogurt options. There is also quite … Continue reading Where to eat in Forest & Lynchburg, Virginia

How to save money shopping (and apps that can help):

The links used in this post are NOT affiliate! These links are available so you can easily sign up for these apps if you desire. I tried to make this process even easier for ya’ll. As many moms know, saving money while shopping is an amazing thing! Why not save money and/or get more for your money? People nowadays don’t carry around wallets full of … Continue reading How to save money shopping (and apps that can help):

Super Bowl Sunday!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! The Patriots are competing against the Rams. There has been a great deal of controversy over this upcoming match. Many fans are displeased with how the Ram’s vs Saints game concluded. Some believe that the Rams do not deserve to compete in this years Super Bowl game. This year’s Super Bowl will sure be something worth watching! FYI: Buffalo Wild Wings … Continue reading Super Bowl Sunday!