Universal Orlando: Islands of Adventure

The second portion of Harry Potter World is Hogsmeade. Just as previously stated, it feels as though you are walking through the movie. They have shoppes that were in the movie and you can even purchase Butterbeer! The Butterbeer they sell is non-alcoholic and tastes like cream soda with marshmallow on top. In Hogsmeade, there are two rides you can enjoy. The Hogwarts ride is … Continue reading Universal Orlando: Islands of Adventure

Wild Florida: Gator Park

The Wild Florida Gator Park was an experience to remember! We were able to see different species of alligators of varying lengths. The park sold Alligator Food and we were able to feed the older alligators in the lake! We also had the opportunity to hold and take photos with a baby alligator. The park wasn’t only a place for alligators, but other creatures as … Continue reading Wild Florida: Gator Park

Disney Orlando: Shoutout

We wanted to give a shoutout to Disney as a whole. Disney was very accommodating when it came to our food allergies. Employees went out of their way to ensure our safety. Disney shoppes and restaurants have allergen menus readily available. When we alerted them to the allergy, they prepared the food especially for us. The Disney World App is absolutely amazing. You can specify … Continue reading Disney Orlando: Shoutout