Disney Orlando: Shoutout

We wanted to give a shoutout to Disney as a whole. Disney was very accommodating when it came to our food allergies. Employees went out of their way to ensure our safety. Disney shoppes and restaurants have allergen menus readily available. When we alerted them to the allergy, they prepared the food especially for us. The Disney World App is absolutely amazing. You can specify … Continue reading Disney Orlando: Shoutout

Epcot: Flower Festival

Epcot is famous for its’ gigantic golf-ball and its’ portrayal of various countries. This park is perfect for children interested in other cultures. Upon entering the park, you can purchase an Epcot Passport. This Passport comes with stickers unique to each country and places for stamps and signatures. Throughout the park there are “Kidcot”stops in each country. At these stops, your child can have their … Continue reading Epcot: Flower Festival

Mary Poppins Returns: Movie Review

Disney Mary Poppins Returns *ALL CREDIT IS GIVEN TO ALL CREATORS AND PRODUCERS OF THIS PRODUCTION This weekend my family watched the new Mary Poppins Returns brought to us by Disney Studios.  In this movie, Michael and Jane Banks are back!  Michael has recently been widowed and he is raising his three children with Jane’s help. Michael’s children have had to grow up very quickly … Continue reading Mary Poppins Returns: Movie Review