Wild Florida: Gator Park

The Wild Florida Gator Park was an experience to remember! We were able to see different species of alligators of varying lengths. The park sold Alligator Food and we were able to feed the older alligators in the lake! We also had the opportunity to hold and take photos with a baby alligator. The park wasn’t only a place for alligators, but other creatures as … Continue reading Wild Florida: Gator Park

Lynchburg/Forest Virginia: Travel Blog Overview

We visited these beautiful cities in Virginia! The sights are something you will never forget! We figured you would like to get a glimpse of these views as well. My son wanted to visit Liberty University while in the area. Here are some pictures of the University as well as areas around it. While on the road, we saw some horses. These horses were cute … Continue reading Lynchburg/Forest Virginia: Travel Blog Overview