What Ales the Earl: Book Review

By: Sally MacKenzie This is a historical romance novel.  It takes place in the time of Dukes and Duchesses and Earls and Countesses. Harry and Pen have been friends since they were approximately seven years old. That friendship develops into a teenage romance.  They were in love and became intimate.  However, they could never marry because Pen is the daughter of a farmer and Harry … Continue reading What Ales the Earl: Book Review

Find You In The Dark: Book Review

By: Nathan Ripley Martin is a very rich man.  He sold his Tech company for millions of dollars.  Martin spends his time searching for and digging up the victims of serial killers. He bribes a local police officer for files that help him discover where the victims are buried. He has been married to Ellen for years and Ellen’s sister has been missing for nearly … Continue reading Find You In The Dark: Book Review

I’ve Got Your Number: Book Review

By: Sophie Kinsella Poppy is engaged to be married to Magnus.  She is very excited about the new life that she is about to start and has many hopes for the future. She feels special that Magnus proposed with the family’s heirloom ring, a giant emerald.  While she is out one night with her bridesmaids, she allows them to try on the ring and pass … Continue reading I’ve Got Your Number: Book Review

The Bone Witch: Book Review

By: Rin Chupeco Tea lives in a time and place where witches are real, and they serve their King. One fateful afternoon, while attending her brother’s funeral, she raises him from the dead.  Tea is what they call a Bone Witch.  She can perform necromancy and because of this  she is someone that the people are afraid of. The story begins when a Bard comes … Continue reading The Bone Witch: Book Review

The Patient One: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray The Walnut Creek Series They are called the Eight.  Eight best friends that are diverse and loyal to one another.  Some of the eight are Amish, some are Mennonite and others are English. Their friendship is not dependent on their religion, it is based on their connection and love for each other.  In this story, one of the eight, Andy, commits … Continue reading The Patient One: Book Review

Social Suicide: Book Review

By: Gemma Halliday A Deadly Cool Novel This is book two in the “Deadly Cool Novel” series.  Hartley is back and she is on the lookout for another killer.  When Sydney was caught cheating on a test at school, she was removed from the ballot for homecoming court.  She was also dumped by her boyfriend and grounded by her parents.  When she ends up dead … Continue reading Social Suicide: Book Review

Deadly Cool: Book Review

By: Gemma Halliday Hartley has just found out that her high school boyfriend has been cheating on her with the captain of the Chastity Club.  She heads over to his house with her best friend Samantha and finds the girl dead in his closet.  Hartley doesn’t believe that he has killed this girl, even though he has been lying about the intimate nature of their … Continue reading Deadly Cool: Book Review

Pretend She’s Here: Book Review

By: Luanne Rice Lizzie and Emily were best friends before Lizzie died a horrible death caused by cancer.  The best friends had been inseparable in life.  They spent their growing up years going in and out of each other’s homes and carpooling with each other’s parents.  Lizzie’s family consists of her mother, father and sister Chloe.  Emily is the youngest of seven children and she … Continue reading Pretend She’s Here: Book Review

Her Fear: Book Review

“Her Fear” By: Shelley Shepard Gray                 This is a different kind of Amish story.  Sadie is a young Amish girl who finds out that she is pregnant by her long-time beau.  When she tells her boyfriend that she is pregnant, he denies that it is his baby.  She then tells her abusive parents and they believe her boyfriend and disown her.  She is then … Continue reading Her Fear: Book Review

Hope Jar: Book Review

“The Hope Jar”, by Wanda E. Brunstetter.  In this story, Sara Murray loses her mother to colon cancer.  Her mother leaves her a note and address to her grandparents home in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  Sara writes to her grandparents and lets them know about their daughters passing and that she would like to meet them.  Her Amish grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Lapp, misread the letter … Continue reading Hope Jar: Book Review

Dare you to LIE: Book Review

“Dare you to Lie” by Amber Lynn Natusch.  This story follows Kylene Danners, a high school senior whose former FBI father has been convicted of murder.  After his conviction Kylene must move in with her grandfather.  She left this town two years ago due to a scandal involving the high school football team and naked pictures of her plastered over the internet. This town is … Continue reading Dare you to LIE: Book Review