Art Alley: Lynchburg VA.

Disclaimer: All credit goes to the artists whose work we are displaying on our blog. We will include links to the artist’s websites and the Downtown Lynchburg website for you to check out. This project was amazing to see and we wanted to share our experience with you.

For more information:

the entrance to art alley
Escape by: Emily Stilwell

My World by: S. Raulerson

The Cry of Jazz by: Angus Carter

Tales of the Garden by: Christina Davis

The Secret Recipe by: Emily Herr, Herrsuite

Lisa Jonas @peace_creature

Cosmic Kiss by: Ella Morrison

Playful Clouds by: Deliece Blanchard

Peace Out by: Meg Weston

The Warm After Winter by: Megan Davies

I Can, Too by: Russ Voeker

Color Sorbet by: Morgaine Godwin

Winter’s Morning by: Hanan Davis

Morning Glory by: Kate Mitchell

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