Maker’s Mark Distillery Tour

As soon as you arrive, you notice the beautiful landscaping and grounds. This business has been an active stillhouse since 1805. You walk down a path past the old barn to come across the tour building.

You can purchase tickets at the tour building. If you are 21+ you have the opportunity to taste some whiskey at the end of the tour.

The distillery has a cat that stays around the tour building. You are able to pet the adorable cat if you want! Just past the main building is the distillery building. Pictures of the distillery process can be seen below.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey is made of a mixture that contains corn and wheat. The barrel contains that mixture with yeast and sugar. This process occurs over the course of several years.

This printing press has been in action for as long as the tour guide can recall. They still use this press to make their labels despite its ancient quality.

in the warm room
specialty burbon
tasting room
gift shoppe

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