Once Taken: Book Review

By: Blake Pierce

The Riley Paige Mysteries: Book 2

            In this story, Riley is certain that the serial killer that captured her in the previous book is alive and well. This book includes two stories: One is whether or not the serial killer that captured Riley is alive. The second is another serial killer that has been hanging and torturing women with chains. Riley is on the case and she is trying not only to cope with her own capture and captivity but the new case as well.

            I wasn’t crazy about this book.  The two stories in one didn’t work in this book.  It was almost like reading half of one story, having a second story thrown in the middle and then finishing the rest of the first story.  It detracted from the overall flow of the story.  I listened to this on audiobook with my husband present.  He noticed many of the facts regarding firearms were incorrect.  The fact checking in the book was not good.  I would not read this again and I don’t plan on reading the next book, if there is one. If you enjoy this kind of set up in a story, then this book is for you.  It wasn’t bad per se but it just wasn’t for me.


One thought on “Once Taken: Book Review

  1. It’s sad when a sequel to a novel doesn’t hold up against the original. I’ve been there, and it just goes to show that sometimes a standalone story where the reader can imagine their own continuation is better than anything the writer can come up with.


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