Once Gone: Book Review

By: Blake Pierce

            Riley had been captured by a serial killer that had a fondness for a blowtorch. He harmed her and she blew up the home that he had trapped her in. There is some doubt in Riley’s mind about whether her capturer really died.

            While in recovery, another case is brought to Riley’s attention.  A man is killing women and positioning them wearing a doll wig among other things. Riley reluctantly goes back to the Behavioral Analysis Unit in order to help with the case.  She runs into difficulty coping with her own capture and finding a way to remain neutral in the new case.

            This story was okay.  There were two stories in one. The story of Riley’s capture and the story of the missing women.  The story begins with Riley’s recovery and that story is mixed in with the missing women case. The story had a lot of unnecessary extras and listening to it on audiobook, it seemed long. There is also a strange mix of a possible affair with her married partner, pot smoking daughter and bad ex-husband. I wouldn’t listen to it again, but it was okay for a one time listen.     


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