An Ice Cold Grave: Book Review

By: Charlaine Harris

A Harper Connelly Mystery: Book 3

            Harper finds dead people and sees the last moments of their deaths. In this third installment, Harper is brought to another small town.  Several young boys have gone missing over the course of several years and the old sheriff did not believe it was anything to worry about.  The new sheriff was given Harpers name from another law enforcement acquaintance and is hoping she can help. They don’t really believe in Harper’s gift but they are desperate.  Harper and Tolliver go to various sights and find more than they bargained for. 

            This installment flows well with the other two.  The characters are colorful and well developed.  You find yourself loving some and hating others.  Harper and Tolliver are no longer calling themselves brother and sister and their relationship is changing.  You are introduced to Manfred, another psychic, that is charming and charismatic.  I really enjoy these books.  The flow is good, the characters are interesting and this book in particular was difficult to pick out the culprit.  Very good book and I would definitely recommend it!

            There is talk of sexual abuse and kidnapping.  Also, adult situations and content. If you are sensitive to these topics this is not the book for you.


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