Grave Sight: Book Review

By: Charlaine Harris

The Harper Connelly Mysteries

            Harper and her stepbrother Tolliver travel together for work. Their job, however, is very unusual.  Harper can find dead people and see their last moments of life. It is not a very well-respected profession and people tend to call on them when they have exhausted other means. The town of Sarne has called on Harper to help find missing girl, Teenie. Teenie was in love with and seeing Dell.  Dell was the oldest son of the town’s richest family.  Harper and Tolliver arrive in Sarne and the folks there are divided on whether they want Harper involved or not.  Once they decide that they would like her to try, she heads into the woods to search.  Harper finds her query, but the town is suspicious about her talent. Harper and Tolliver are required to stay in Sarne until the police allow them to leave.  Secrets come to light and this town will never be the same.

            Charlaine Harris is an amazing storyteller!  I enjoy her books and I enjoy how her stories flow.  Harper and Tolliver are likable characters that find themselves in difficult situations.  The story is a fun read and the relationship between Harper and Tolliver is well developed. The people of Sarne react exactly as you would expect small town police and townsfolk to act. Harpers unique gift is explained well and you feel a bit sorry for how she is treated.  There are some adult conversations and situations, so this book may not be appropriate for non-adult readers. However, I would recommend this story.  It was just a fun, interesting read!


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