Destination Wedding: Movie Review

Staring: Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder

            As the title states, this movie is about a man and a woman that are attending a destination wedding.  The wedding requires that they fly to the location.  Frank and Lindsay meet for the first time at the airport and bicker from the start.  Then they end up next to one another on the plane and at the hotel.  They are both sort of, odd men out, and end up bumping into each other everyplace they go.

            At first, I thought the movie was pretty funny.  I can be sarcastic, and I appreciated the humor for a short time. However, after a while it became too much.  The movie was basically them sniping at each other through the whole approximately hour and a half.  At first it was funny and then it just got old.  There was this scene in the movie where they have sex and do not have protection and they just do it anyway.  This after having a talk about how she may get pregnant.  They had known each other for just a couple days and weren’t even getting along.  It was just weird. If you can sit through approximately an hour and a half of sniping and sarcasm, then you may like this movie.  If not, then I wouldn’t recommend it.


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