Siren: Book Review

By: Kiera Cass

            Kahlen was a passenger on a when out of nowhere the members on the ship heard  mesmerizing singing coming from the ocean. Kahlen was saved because she begged for her life.  She did not want to die.  The Ocean made a deal with her.  The Ocean requires one hundred years of service, singing people into the ocean to die, in order for Kahlen to remain alive. She accepts the deal.  The problem is that Kahlen struggles to perform her tasks.  She feels terrible about singing people to their deaths.  One day, she is sitting on a college campus drawing the different outfits that she sees, when she meets a boy.  She never expected to see him again, but she really likes him and against her better judgment, they go on a date. It sets a path in motion that no one could have expected.

            This was a very well written story! I loved it.  It is meant as more of a teenage novel but can be enjoyed by all.  The story line ran smoothly, and you wanted to find out what was going to happen. The romance between Kahlen and her man is endearing, and you are pulling for them to have a happily ever after! This was a very clean story and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a sweet romance.  I enjoyed the storyline between Kahlen and her sisters as well.  They have the kind of relationship where they fight but are always there for each other.


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