Full Disclosure: Book Review

BY: Dee Henderson

            This is the story of FBI agent Paul Falcon and MHI cop Ann Silver.  It is the story of how they meet and fall in love.

            Ann comes across some information on a case that Paul has been working on for several years.  The Lady Shooter case. The Lady Shooter had killed thirty people during her time as a paid assassin. Ann gives this information to Paul without wanting credit or accolades. She surprises him and he begins to ask mutual friends about her and what she is like. They begin a slow and interesting relationship that has them deciding what kind of future they want.

            The story line that includes everything to do with the case and trying to solve the case was interesting. The lady shooter case was engaging and interesting.  It also had a surprise end.  However, too much of the story line revolved around their romance.  I am a Christian and this book talks a ton about the relationship that Paul and Ann have with God.  God not Jesus.  Many parts of the book came off as preachy and more of a sermon than just a mystery book.  In short the mystery of the Lady Shooter was good but the relationship was borderline annoying. I wouldn’t read it or listen to it again, however, if this sounds up your alley, give it a try!


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