Deeply Odd: Book Review

By: Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas is back in this engaging story.  Odd has seen a vision of the future in which he sees children being murdered. The vision makes it look like they were being sacrificed in a weird cult ceremony. Odd decides that he must find the culprit and stop the future event from happening.  On his travels he runs into some unusual characters.  He meets Edie, an older woman, who is traveling around in a limo and she hires Odd to be her chauffeur. She helps him on his way to find the culprit and Odd learns some things about the world and things about himself.

Odd Thomas is a great character!  The author puts so much humor into the story! Odd has such great pithy lines and even though the story line is often a little morbid, you still get a laugh!  I love how Odd’s character continues to develop through the different stories and how he remains in love with Stormy even though she has passed.  I enjoyed the character Edie and how she related to Odd as a parental figure. Love how the author mixes the macabre with light and fluffy humor.  The one-liners and pithiness are truly a joy to listen to.  It is a very clean story and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story line that includes humor. I would not recommend for anyone sensitive to stories involving the kidnapping of children.


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