The Promise of Palm Grove: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray

Amish Brides of Pinecroft

Leona and her two best friends have travelled to Pinecroft to have a last vacation before Leona marries. The Amish girls have been best friends for all their lives.  Leona is betrothed to Edmund. Edmund is an extremely controlling man that does not give any consideration to Leona’s wants or needs.  She has been having several doubts regarding her marriage and has tried to discuss them with Edmund, but he refuses to give her feelings consideration. This vacation to Pinecroft, Florida only makes her feel that breaking the engagement is the right thing to do. While in Pinecroft, she meets Zack.  Zack treats her exactly the way she always hoped for and makes her feelings about Edmund clear. Their relationship grows but Leona lives in Ohio and Zack lives in Florida. They need to decide, is this love?

This story was sweet and an easy read. I felt bad for Leona having to make life altering decisions while trying to do the right thing. She struggles with the opinions of her family and her Amish church. Zack was a bright and shining person and it is fun to read such a happy character. It was fun to read about the way their love grew and how love conquers all.  The relationship between Leona and her friends was also heartwarming.  They truly are best friends that are there through it all.  It was a good, clean read and I would recommend it as a mostly feel-good book.


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