Crisis: Book Review

By:  Robin Cook

This is part of the Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery book series. Jack has finally proposed to Laurie and they have set the date for their wedding. After several months of silence, Jacks sister Alexis calls him and requests that he travel to Boston to help her out of a bind.  Alexis is married to a concierge physician named Craig Bowman.  Craig and Alexis have been having marital difficulties.  He had moved out and was living with a trophy girlfriend when one of his patients dies unexpectedly. Now Craig has moved back in with Alexis and is involved in a Negligence case questioning his medical skills.  The case is heating up and it is not looking good for Craig. Jack agrees to help in any way he can with the case. However, the wedding is near, and Jack must balance his personal obligations and the case. The question remains, was it negligence? What happened to Craig’s patient? How can Jack help? 

This book was very good! Jack and Laurie are finally getting married!  This is amazing for anyone who is a fan of the series.  Jack is Jack.  He is consistent in all the stories.  The case was complicated and interesting to listen to.  I did not like Craig, and I thought he was an arrogant jerk.  The characters are very well written.  You love them and hate them and find yourself voting for some of them to fail and some to succeed.  The ending was very surprising, and I never would have guessed what was coming. It was one of the best books I’ve listened to for quite some time.  Recommend this story for anyone who loves a good medical mystery.  The book is clean, however there is a shower scene that is not sexual in nature but could be upsetting for some.  


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