The Apothecary’s Poison: Book Review

By: C.J. Archer

Glass and Steele Book three

In this story, India and Matt continue to look for the magical watchmaker that created his watch.  Time seems to be running short and the search is on. However, there are complications. Matt’s Aunt Letty is throwing every available debutante his direction. 

After an article is printed in the newspaper that suggests that there may be a magical doctor working at the hospital, India and Matt go to the hospital with hope.  They find that the newpaper reporter has been reporting on magical happenings and bringing attention to magic.  When a magician is murdered, it is up to Matt and India to find the culprit.

True to Glass and Steele Books, I did not guess the murderer. The story has a good little mystery and is fun to read. I enjoy the interplay between India and Matt and how their relationship grows and changes with every story. There was only a slight amount of cursing but nothing crazy.  It was just fun to read, and I would recommend it. 


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