The Mapmaker’s Apprentice: Book Review

By: C.J. Archer

Glass and Steele Book Two

This is the second installment in the Glass and Steele series. In this story, both Matt and India are still on the hunt for the man who infused his magic into Matt’s watch.  The watch is continuing to deteriorate and both a magical watchmaker and a magical physician are needed.

The search is interrupted when the police commissioner asks for help from Matt and India to find a missing mapmaker’s apprentice.  This apprentice is magical, and the guild of mapmakers would not be pleased to find out that he can use his magic to create amazing masterpieces. Will they find the missing man?  Was he taken by the guild?

I enjoy the Glass and Steele series.  I like how India and Matt’s relationship has developed and grown over the course of the two books.  I find their relationship slightly frustrating and I can’t wait to see what will happen with them next. I was wrong about who-done-it.  The mapmaker’s character was not very likable. I wasn’t rooting for them to find him for his sake, but for the sake of his mother. The mystery was fun and not too heavy.  It was just an enjoyable book and I enjoyed the romantic parts best.  It’s a very clean book and only includes slight language.


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