The Watchmaker’s Daughter: Book Review

By: C.J. Archer

India has lost her father, her business and her home.  She was once an apprentice to her father the watchmaker, until his untimely death just two weeks ago. India was engaged to be married, when her father passed away,her finance inherited the family shop and broke the engagement. Something India did not know was that she has a gift that makes all of  the watchmakers afraid of her.
Matthew has come to England to find a special watchmaker to fix his broken time piece. Instead, he finds India.  When they meet, Matthew is in the watchmakers shop that once belonged to India’s family. India was encouraging Matthew to leave the shop because her finance is a horrible person. Through a serious of events, India and Matthew end up working together to find his special watchmaker. In doing so, they become close friends.

This book was very good.  It was well done and clever. I enjoyed how India and Matthew develop such a close friendship. She accepts his family and friends just the way they are even though they are an unusual bunch.  India discovers that she has gifts that make her unique and special.  As they search for their special watchmaker trouble ensues and they must find out who is trying to keep them from their query.  The story takes place in a point in history when ladies were ladies and titled men were important and revered.  Overall, it was well done and an easy reader.  There were no sex scenes and it was a good read.


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