Pale as Death: Book Review

By: Heather Graham

Throughout history there have been many unsolved murder cases.  One of the most famous unsolved mysteries the Black Dahlia.  Back in the 1940’s the Black Dahlia case had several different theories swirling around in the media and in law enforcement in general.  In this story, young actresses are being murdered in the copy cat fashion of this famous case. A member of the FBI’s supernatural taskforce is called in to help solve the murders.  Bruce is able to see dead people and communicate with them. Sophie can see the dead as well, only she tries to deny her gift because she does not want to be seen as crazy.  Together Sophie and Bruce are an amazing force that can use their gifts to help solve the current cases.  They didn’t know each other prior to the case but a romance is forming and unbidden they are falling in love.

The story was really enjoyable.  The romance sweet and you really hope that Bruce and Sophie will stay together forever.  The author incorporates the ghosts in a manner that does not make the story too far fetched.  I did not know much regarding the Black Dahlia case prior to this story.  I had heard of it of course but never in any detail.   However, now I know more than I ever expected to!  They added parts known of the true case into this story and it made the story believable and just good.  I did not guess the culprit correctly, which always makes a story better for me when the author is able to surprise a reader.  I would recommend this for a good supernatural mystery read.  There were a couple sex scenes but nothing too crazy.  May not be appropriate for younger audiences.


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