Everneath: Book Review

By: Brody Ashton

Book 1

Is there a heaven? Is there a hell?  What about purgatory?  Does it exist? Nikki disappeared without a trace and even though her family and friends searched tirelessly for her they could not find her anywhere.  Everyone assumes that she was a runaway.  Maybe on drugs or doing bad things for drugs.  

Now Nikki is back.  Nikki has been in the Everneath with Cole.  The Everneath is a sort of underground purgatory where people are brought to feed the eternal ones. Cole is an Everliving and he has been feeding off of Nikki for 100 years in the Everneath.  This is about one year of time on Earth.  She has been allowed to return to the surface for 6 months time and then she will be pulled back into the tunnels of the underneath to feed the everliving until she dies. However, something unexpected happened with Nikki.  Nikki did not age while in the Everneath, which is extremely rare.  She survived.  She can become an Everliving if she desires.  The only think Nikki desires is to see Jack, her boyfriend, because he is the reason she survived.  Their love is strong and even though she disappeared without explaination, he is still crazy in love with her.  Jack finds out about the Everneath and together they try to find a way to keep her from returning to that place.

This book is meant for more of a teenage audience.  I was prepared to dislike the story due to the Everliving/Everneath angle. However,  it was very well done.  I loved the romance between Nikki and Jack.  It is the kind of love we all dream of having.  Cole is a character you hate at the beginning and begin to feel sorry for as the story continues on.  I am excited to read the next book in the story and see how everything works out for the kids in love. Whether you are teen or adult, this story was well done and very enjoyable.  There wasn’t anything in the story that I would say is inappropriate for teen audiences. 


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