Hexed: Book Review

By: Heather Graham

Several years ago Rocky and his friends were hanging out doing what teenagers do when Rocky hears the voice of his friend calling to him.  Unlike his friends Rocky could hear the call because he can talk to ghosts, a gift that he did not know he possessed until now. Rocky and his buddies go to investigate only to find their mutual friend had been murdered.

Now, Craig Rockwell, Rocky is joining an elite FBI team that uses their supernatural gifts to help stop murderers.  He returns to his hometown of Peabody Massachusetts which is near to the town of Salem where all of the Salem witch trials occurred. The witch trials are big business in this town! 

Devin had left the area in order to become an investigative reporter but she has returned in order to write a very successful succession of children’s books.  Devin is living in a home willed to her by her Aunt Mina who remains in the home as a ghost. Devin is just learning of her gift to speak to the dead when she finds another body killed in the same manner as the body all those years ago.

Together, Rocky and Devin, use their gifts to help catch a killer.  As with all small towns, the suspects include many of Rocky and Devin’s closest friends.  Could people they have known and cared for all of their lives be a killer?

This book includes a history lesson on all things related to the Salem witch trials of so long ago.  I learned several things about the trials as well as Wicca, that I had no knowledge of prior to this story. I love how the friend angle is included in the story line and how Rocky and Devin do their best to believe only good things about their friends.  The romance between Rocky and Devin was very sweet and endearing.  I enjoyed the way Rocky included Aunt Mina in many of the discussions and helped Devin more readily accept her special gift.  This story was very good.  I again guessed the wrong culprit.  The author does a great job leading you astray in your thinking. Taken as a fantasy, it is excellent.  It does have some adult content, so it may not be appropriate for younger audiences.


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