The Perfectionists: Book Review

Sara Shepard

One night, Nolan Hotchkiss throws an extravagant party. When everyone wakes up, he is found dead in a bedroom. There are many suspects when the autopsy revealed it was a homicide. He was the most popular guy in school but also the bully everyone wanted to avoid. There were many people who wanted to get back at him for the rumors he had spread throughout their small town. The question remains, who killed him?

A group of girls were partners in a film studies class. They were studying a murder/mystery film in class and jokingly came up with ways they would kill Nolan. They didn’t mean it, but someone did hear their conversation. Who heard?

This book is very interesting and somewhat complex. The characters’ personalities are very well developed as the story moves along. This is geared toward a teenage audience, but I think an older audience would enjoy it as well. There is mentioning of abuse/neglect within the story so I would not suggest it to those sensitive to those topics. If you do not like an unsatisfying ending, I would not recommend this book. 


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