Universal Orlando: Islands of Adventure

The second portion of Harry Potter World is Hogsmeade. Just as previously stated, it feels as though you are walking through the movie. They have shoppes that were in the movie and you can even purchase Butterbeer! The Butterbeer they sell is non-alcoholic and tastes like cream soda with marshmallow on top. In Hogsmeade, there are two rides you can enjoy. The Hogwarts ride is by far our favorite ride in the entire park! It is a 3D experience ride. You fly around with Harry Potter and experience some “troubles” along the way. Our favorite part was the inclusion of the Whomping Willow. They also have the Flight of the Hippogriff as well. This ride is a smaller rollercoaster with loops and a drop or two. The line for this ride isn’t very long because the ride itself is very short.

There is another “ride” in which you can ride the Hogwarts Express. You need to have the Two day Two park option in order to do so. This train takes you between both Harry Potter worlds.

The Dr Seuss area contains rides that are perfect for younger children. The lines for those rides are typically not more than 5 minutes long.

One thought on “Universal Orlando: Islands of Adventure

  1. These pictures look amazing, and I’m incredibly jealous you got to go here – I hope you had a brilliant time! I’ve walked through sets at the studio tour in London, and Orlando looks like such another level. Wow!


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