Universal Orlando: Universal Studios

Universal Orlando has two sections of Harry Potter World. In Universal Studios, they have Diagon Alley. The coolest thing about Diagon Alley is the fact that you feel as if you are in the movie! They even have Fred and George’s Weasley Wizard Wheezes! In the store you can find things that Fred and George actually sold in the Harry Potter books!

The only ride in that section is Escape from Gringotts. You walk through Gringotts bank before you enter the ride itself. The goblins are inside and the main goblin talks to you as you enter. The ride does have some drops and quite a bit of spinning. It could be scary for younger children.

One ride that I wouldn’t suggest would be Shrek 3D. It is not that the 3D effects were bad, the “ride” was! You are being lurched back and forth throughout the entire thing. If you want to attend Shrek 3D and have back issues I would highly encourage sitting in the stationary seats.

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