An Amish Family Christmas: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray

A Charmed Amish Life Christmas Novel

This book brings us back to the town of Charm and back into the lives of the Kinsinger family.  Lukas has married Darla and is running the family mill. Rebecca has married Jacob and they are both working at the family mill. Amelia and Simon are, more or less, engaged to be married. Levi has returned to Charm after being away for several months.

Levi has been having a difficult time handling the death of his father.  He is wary of sharing his grief with his family because he is afraid that he may be the only one having difficulty. In order to help with his grief, he moves into a small home on Jupiter street. 

Julia lives on Jupiter street with her five-year-old daughter Penny. One-night, Julia locks herself out of her home and Levi is there to help her.  Levi and Julia begin an unusual friendship. He hires her to clean his home. Julia has been having a difficult time making ends meet and taking the housekeeping job is a blessing. She has been trying to save money to buy Christmas presents for Penny. What Levi doesn’t know is that Julia is on the run from an abusive Ex-boyfriend.  Will love conquer all?

This is an okay story. However, it is my least favorite of the four books in the Charmed series.  I felt like Levi and Julia’s romance was very short and it lacked the warmth of the other three stories. There was a lack of family ties in this book.  The interaction between the siblings seemed minimal compared to the other books.  The stories were so good because of how close the siblings were and how they loved one another.  It was endearing how they got into each other’s business. This story lacked the sweet and sappy that I loved in the rest of the series.  It was still okay, but I hoped for a more universal ending that matched the other books.  The book finished with several questions unanswered and I hope that there will be another book that will tie things up.  I would not recommend this story for anyone sensitive to the topic of domestic violence. Overall, still an okay story.


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