A Sister’s Wish: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray

The Charmed Amish Life

Book Three

The Kinsinger family is continuing to recover from the fire/explosion that happened at their family mill. Lukas has married Darla. Rebecca has married Jacob. Levi is still away handling his grief and Amelia is caring for the family home.

Amelia is the focus of this book in the Kinsinger series. Amelia has always been in love with Simon, but Simon has a history. Simon was physically and mentally abused by his parents.  When he was a child both his brother and sister ran away from home. As soon as Simon was old enough, he ran away and got into some trouble. Upon his return to Charm, the Kinsinger father gave Simon a job and money for a home.  He joined the church and became a valuable member of Charm.

Amelia was the last person to see Simon before he left Charm all those years ago.  She was just a child of nine years old when he went away. She had a big crush on him as children and they have recently realized that they have a mutual attraction to one another as adults. Simon asks Amelia’s family permission to court her and they say no.  The family is concerned about Simon’s ‘worldly’ past. Amelia is injured while she is home alone and Simon finds her lying in the barn on the floor. He calls the ambulance and cares for her on the way to the hospital.  Her family finds out that she has been spending time with Simon without their knowledge.  Can they forgive Simon’s past? Will true love reign?

This is another great book from this author! This is the third book in the Kinsinger series.  Like all the other books, this story draws you in even more to the characters and their lives. Simon has been through so much in his life and he has turned into a great man.  I love how he was managed to overcome all the hardships that he has faced. Amelia is so caring toward him and she loves him regardless of anything that happened in his past. This book is about forgiveness, overcoming hardship and love.  All the siblings in the story love each other but sometimes overstep as siblings do. I enjoyed how Amelia’s siblings show their love for her and realize that they sometimes overstep in their zeal to show their concern. This is a sweet love story and enjoyable to read. Yes, some parts are hard to read due to the abuse and I wouldn’t recommend this story to anyone sensitive to that topic. However, it is so important to Simon’s story and how he persevered through it all.  I really enjoy this author’s writing. All the characters feel like real people and you can see them in your mind as you read!


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