A Daughter’s Dream: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray

The Charmed Amish Life

Book Two

The Kinsinger family has been recovering from the tragedy that hit their mill several months ago. During this recovery, Lukas has taken over running the business and has married his true love, Darla. The rest of the Kinsinger family is handling things as best they can. Levi has left Charm and is trying to handle his grief. Rebecca is attempting to follow her heart and has begun helping in the schoolroom.  Amelia is running the household and watching over her family.

The story encompasses the whole Kinsinger family but focuses on Rebecca. Rebecca has the support of her family as she decides to work fewer hours at the mill while pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher.  That is where she meets Jacob.  Jacob has recently become guardian to his thirteen-year-old niece after the tragic death of his brother and sister-in-law. They immediately know that they have a spark. Jacob has moved to Charm from Florida and is trying unsuccessfully to farm his parents land.  Both Jacob and Rebecca are trying new things and find they have much in common. They both question their career choices and find hope and joy where they didn’t expect it.

Loved this book! The characters come right off the page!  They are real and flawed.  It makes them all very endearing.  I am invested in the story of this family and the people that are involved in their lives. Rebecca and Jacob have such a sweet, sappy love story, in the best possible way!  I enjoy how the author includes information on all the different members of the family.  It makes the relationships more believable and real. It shows all the ties that bind this close-knit family together and how they handle tragedy and their hopes as a unit.  This is a very good story and I am excited to read the next book in the series!  Definitely two thumbs up!


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