The 5th Wave: Book Review

By: Rick Yancey

This book is about aliens, also known as  the others. The others have been watching Earth for ten days before they decided to strike. These strikes consist in waves in which the others try to take out the human population. Cassie is a girl who has survived 3 of the waves and is trying to keep her promise to her little brother, Sammy. The promise is to rescue him. She finds out that the world is a very different place. The only person she can trust is a person who she has known from her past life, before the others came to Earth. Most of the people from her past have perished in the ‘waves’. Cassie is not the only one who wants to rescue Sammy, her crush since third grade, Benjamin, also wants to rescue Sammy.. He also made a promise that Sammy would not be left behind. Ben was stuck in a camp with Sammy, and grew quite fond of him. Their situation does not help them escape, especially since Sammy is only five years old. Both  Cassie and Ben, want to save Sammy. Both of them don’t know how, and they both think that each other are not Human. 

This book is is a great book for teenage readers. It is full of action, suspense, and most of all, lots of different points of view and lifestyles. This book is not dirty, there may be kissing in it but I assure you it is not at all dirty. I thought it was a good book because it shows how an actual person would act in different scenarios. It is realistic in showing how people would compensate with not seeing living human people for weeks and months at a time. The suspense is so strong that I read this book nonstop. There is no way of telling what happens next. You cannot put it down it is so good. The people in the book all are different in so many ways, but everyone in the book has faced some type of loss, both alien and human. The way the people think in the book shows different perspectives and you may forget that they are all experiencing the same loss, and all trying to find a way to cope. Their common goal, and the only things they have in common, is to save Sammy. I would recommend this book for teenagers who enjoy science fiction and mystery. I couldn’t put it down!

-Samantha Holliday

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