Lady Notorious: Book Review

By: Theresa Romain

In this historical romance novel, the members of the ton are at it again! Years ago, an unfortunate bet was made between ten members of the ton. All the men contributed money into a fund and the last man standing was to receive the money.  Someone has become inpatient to inherit this money.  People who have contributed to the fund are dying. One was poisoned, one an accidental drowning, and a shooting.  Lord Northbrook hired twin Bow Street Runners, Cassandra and Charles Benton to watch over his godfather Lord Deverell, one of the contributors. In the course of the investigation Charles falls from a trellis and breaks his leg and in the process of saving Lord Deverell, Cassandra’s cover is blown.  

Lord Deverell is still in danger. As well as, Lord Northbrook’s father, the Duke. Cassandra continues to work for Lord Northbrook. She goes undercover as an illegitimate relation born from the former duke, Northbrook’s grandfather. This gives Cass assess to the gossip mill made up of the ladies of the ton.  As she collects information and gossip, the relationship between Northbrook and Cass becomes close and romantic. They begin to fall in love.  However, Cass is on the job and it is difficult to protect the lords while dressed as a lady and playing a part. Who is killing the contributors? Will Lord Northbrook be next?

This was a good book. I enjoyed watching the relationship between Cassandra and Lord Northbrook grow.  He did not care that they were not in the same social class and always treated her with care and respect.  I enjoyed the way his sister included her in social circles and enjoyed teaching her all the ways of the ton. 

It was difficult to determine who-done-it.  The mystery was well-done and kept me guessing until the end.  I wouldn’t recommend this book for immature audiences. There is a good amount of sex and talk of sex in this book.  Overall, it was a fun read and I would recommend it if you enjoy historical romances.


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