Disney Orlando: Tips and Tricks

We want your experience at Disney to be the best it can be! We are going to help you out by giving you some helpful tips and tricks.

FastPass+ is now FREE! You are able to use FastPass+ three times a day! We recently found this out and figured we would give you a heads up. You can “reserve” rides based on the time options provided. You can “reserve” up to 60 days in advance. You will want to reserve your selections as fast as you can because they are claimed quickly. We would suggest using FastPass+ on rides such as Space Mountain, Snow White, and Pandora: Flight of Passage. We have seen these lines go up to a FOUR HOUR wait time. These rides are the most popular so it may be difficult to get a “reservation”.

You should also purchase towels or trending Disney pins at discount stores outside of the park. Towels at the park can cost upwards of $26.99. If you purchase them at Target they are around $12-15. Disney pins are a trend at the parks. If you purchase them at the park they cost $10-15 per pin. Outside the park, you can get them for $5-6 per pin. It is less expensive to purchase the value packs of approximately 10 pins for $20-25. This brings each pin to about $2.50 each. Ensure that each pin has the Disney backing or they can NOT be traded with others. Kids can trade with any employee that has pins in most of the gift shoppes throughout the parks. Employees encourage trading and we haven’t seen any employee refuse to trade.

Florida is hot. When we were in Florida the temperature ranged from 92*F to 96*F. Sunscreen is very important! You can burn very quickly when it is hot and humid outside.

Hydration is important! This can be annoying to hear but you need to make sure you are getting enough fluids. You can easily pass out or become ill if you are not hydrating. The parks do have water fountains and you can purchase water at the shoppes if you desire.

Don’t bring a lot of bags! Before you can enter the park you must have all bags inspected. This can be an extremely long process if you have everyone in your party carry bags.

Don’t buy the portable fans at Disney! Disney charges anything between $20-35 for a portable fan. If you go to Target they only cost $10!

Download the Disney World app! This app is absolutely amazing. It updates constantly to ensure everything is working properly. You can see what the wait times are at each park. It is also helpful in alerting you to when rides shut down or have issues. The app allows you to make the FastPass+ selections and edit them if you need to.

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