The Current: Book Review

By: Tim Johnston

Two cases. Ten years apart. 

Ten years ago: Sheriff Sutter investigated a case involving a young woman that was hit by a car and thrown into the river. They had a suspect in custody and believed that they had the right man.  However, they did not have the necessary evidence to hold or charge his suspect. He always regretted the fact that he could not close the case. 

Now: Sheriff Sutter is dying.  He has stage four cancer and heart disease. His daughter Audrey and her college friend Caroline were traveling home to visit Sheriff Sutter when they were assaulted at a gas station.  While escaping, they slid down a hill in a snowstorm and landed on the edge of the river. A truck comes and taps the back of their car, sending them down into the river. 

This leads to questions about the case ten years ago and new information is brought to light.  Did they have the right man all those years ago? As Audrey begins to look into the case that haunted her father, she learns new information that calls into question everything that the members of law enforcement and her small-town thought were true.

This was an excellent book!  It really brings the two cases together.  Some characters you love and others, you love to hate.  The story keeps you guessing right up until the last page.  I really enjoyed how the relationships change and grow as the story continues.  The book makes you really feel for Audrey and her situation. The book deals with grief, hope and mystery.  I wouldn’t recommend this book for anyone sensitive to attempted rape. Otherwise an excellent mystery!  I couldn’t put it down!   


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