Epcot: Flower Festival

Epcot is famous for its’ gigantic golf-ball and its’ portrayal of various countries. This park is perfect for children interested in other cultures. Upon entering the park, you can purchase an Epcot Passport. This Passport comes with stickers unique to each country and places for stamps and signatures. Throughout the park there are “Kidcot”stops in each country. At these stops, your child can have their Passport stamped and autographed by the country’s staff. Each country has food related to the country itself. As you walk through the countries, it feels as though you are walking through the country it portrays.

epcot ball

We were fortunate enough to attend Epcot’s flower festival. Throughout the park you can see various characters portrayed in flowers. It was impressive to see the intricacy of how it was done.

pluto, mickey’s dog
figment the dragon
purple flowers
this bee was strategically placed by each flower embodiment
Daisy Duck

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