What Ales the Earl: Book Review

By: Sally MacKenzie

This is a historical romance novel.  It takes place in the time of Dukes and Duchesses and Earls and Countesses. Harry and Pen have been friends since they were approximately seven years old. That friendship develops into a teenage romance.  They were in love and became intimate.  However, they could never marry because Pen is the daughter of a farmer and Harry is the second son of the Earl. After a whirlwind summer of romance and young love, Harry leaves for the war.  Unbeknownst to Harry, he left Pen pregnant. Instead of allowing Harry’s father to find her a husband among the working men on his estate, Pen sets out to live with her Aunt and give birth to her baby.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances she ends up in a town called Little Puddleton. She makes herself a home among other widows and unmarried women in this little town. 

Nearly ten years later….  Harry returns from war an Earl.  His brother died of an unfortunate accident and the title has been passed on to him.  Harry’s mother and sister-in-law are pressuring him to marry quickly and beget some heirs.  Sent on a fortuitus mission to help his friend the Duke, Harry finds himself face to face with his now nine-year-old daughter and his old love, Pen.  The spark is still there but birth matters.  An Earl doesn’t marry a farmer’s daughter. As Harry gets reacquainted with Pen and gets to know his daughter, he realizes that he doesn’t want to live without them.

I enjoyed this book.  It was romantic and sweet.  I love how Pen and Harry seem to know each other so well after so much time. It is so obvious that they are still in love.  I really enjoyed how Harry accepted his daughter without any doubt or uncertainty.  I would recommend this story for anyone looking for a sweet romance.  There is quite a bit of talk of sex and only a little actual sex going on. It was just good and the ending was satisfying.


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