Animal Kingdom

pandora (world of avatar)

Animal Kingdom has recently added a new segment to the park, Pandora (World of Avatar). This new addition is fascinating. While waiting in line, you are transported to the world of Pandora. They added intricate details that make you feel like you are in the movie itself. As you meander through the line, you have amazing views of the floating islands and plant life of Pandora. Some of the views include iridescent plants and a waterfall. The line takes you into an air conditioned building that transitions from plant life to the military base in the movie. Inside the military base, you are able to view scientific studies of Pandora life and a hologram of an Avatar. The hologram of the avatar correlates with the avatars you see in the movie. After you view the avatar, you are brought into a room where you communicate with a scientist. He discusses the process involved in becoming an avatar. Before you are able to be paired with your avatar, you have to be scanned to ensure you do not have a “bug” that has been affecting the general population. It seems everyone possesses this “bug” and as a result, we must be decontaminated. After this process, you are brought into a room where they explain how to use the 3D glasses and what the ride itself entails. The ride is a simulator in which you are riding a banshee. There is a motorcycle-like object that you sit on after putting on your 3D glasses. You experience the feeling of “falling” and even feel the banshee breathing! You feel as if you are in the air flying the animal itself. You feel wind brushing your face and even splashes of water when you approach water creatures. A banshee is a flying creature prevalent in the world of Pandora. They are a type of bird that looks like a dragon. The ride is called “Flight of Passage”. In Pandora, riding a banshee is an honor. The video tells you of this importance and how this should not be taken lightly.

pandora (world of avatar)
pandora (world of avatar)

As the name of the park suggests, it houses animals as well. There is a walk through safari and a safari ride that includes a tour guide. The tour is great, but it is extremely difficult to get pictures because you are continuously in motion. Some animals on the tour included: a lion, lioness, elephants, alligators and giraffes.

lioness (found in safari)
tree of life
an elephant playing in the water (found in safari)
rhino (found in safari)

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