Free Sky: Book Review

By: Alex Kroy

This book review was different for us here at Introverts Squared.  The author contacted us through our blog email address and requested that we review this story.  Since Alice loves to read just about anything, of course we said yes! This book was written by a seventh-grade student and it is available for purchase on amazon kindle books. We decided to review this book because it published. -I2 staff

Sky is a genetically altered person called a Mismunand or more commonly called, freakling.  She escaped a place called Iclandu that creates others with gifts that are unusual.  Sky has beautiful big black wings that allow her to fly through the sky. Iclandu was surrounded by a large wall that Sky had to fly over in order to escape. She flies in fits and starts until she lands on a sidewalk in the city where she is apprehended by the police. A policewoman, Jenny, takes custody of Sky and brings her to Germany to see another genetics lab.  However, Sky does not want to stay in Germany. She goes back to the United States with Jenny and becomes like a daughter to her.  In this story, Sky learns lessons about friendship, school, and the dangers of Iclandu.  

Considering the age of the author, I think that this is a great first novel. The subject matter was slightly immature, and the storyline bounces around quite a bit. It was difficult at first to picture the main character because there is only one sentence in chapter three that alludes to her gender.  There are several areas in the book where the story doesn’t follow the rules of the world that we live in.  Such as, Sky hailing a cab and not paying for the privilege of the ride, a police detective allowing a child to review confidential case files, a random guy from an ad knowing Sky’s personal email/information and the relationship Jenny and Sky share is not realistic because that is not how custody works. Several of the unrealistic areas are places where I would not expect a child to really understand the unreality of it all.  The story was very imaginative and could be broken down and expanded on in several books. I feel that the story was fun, however it bounced around too much.  I would have liked to have the escape expanded upon and each new adventure detailed and not rushed through.  This author has a great inventiveness that will grow and flourish as they grow older and mature.  I look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.


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