Find You In The Dark: Book Review

By: Nathan Ripley

Martin is a very rich man.  He sold his Tech company for millions of dollars.  Martin spends his time searching for and digging up the victims of serial killers. He bribes a local police officer for files that help him discover where the victims are buried. He has been married to Ellen for years and Ellen’s sister has been missing for nearly twenty years.  It is assumed that she was taken by a famous serial killer.  Martin is looking at the most recent case file and believes he may have found the body of Ellen’s sister, Tinsley.  He goes to the sight, his wife is unaware of his hobby, and digs up the body only to find a surprise in the grave and things become more and more complicated because of his hobby. His family is threatened, and some unexpected things come to light…  What will Martin do?

This book is all right. It took me a while to decide if Martin himself was good or bad. I think the relationship between Martin and his wife is a little farfetched.  I don’t know anyone who would allow their spouse to randomly disappear for days at a time ‘camping’ without bringing a phone or any means of communicating. The fact that Martin has been doing this for years and his wife never questioned what he was doing seems highly unlikely. Throughout the book, Martin explains his excitement while going to the grave sites and digging up these girls and he keeps a scrapbook of his finds.  It’s kinda gross.  The story has sex and kidnapping, so if you are sensitive to these topics, I wouldn’t read this. There are some unknowns toward the end but its not really that mysterious. I would say the book was just all right.  I probably wouldn’t read it again and I wouldn’t read a sequel if there was one. 


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