I’ve Got Your Number: Book Review

By: Sophie Kinsella

Poppy is engaged to be married to Magnus.  She is very excited about the new life that she is about to start and has many hopes for the future. She feels special that Magnus proposed with the family’s heirloom ring, a giant emerald.  While she is out one night with her bridesmaids, she allows them to try on the ring and pass it around the table.  Then something unexpected happens, a fire alarm goes off and they are all ushered out of the building.  The ring goes missing, Poppy’s cell phone is stolen, and she finds a new cell phone that has been tossed away in the trash.  She figures that it is there, she needs it and so she takes it.

Sam is a businessman.  He calls his personal assistant on the company cell phone and ends up talking to Poppy instead.  Sam and Poppy strike up a deal.  Sam allows Poppy to ‘borrow’ the phone while she is waiting to hear about her missing engagement ring.  Poppy agrees to forward all of Sam’s messages to him.  While sharing an inbox, they learn about each other and build an unusual relationship that grows deeper than either could have expected.  Things begin to go wrong with Sam’s company.  Sam and Poppy work together to find the culprit while having some hilarious experiences.

I love Sophie Kinsella books!  This book is filled with a love story, a mystery and tons of humor! The way that the characters are written makes them vivid and real in your mind.  You can picture how they would be and when they talk, you can hear them in your mind.  The characters are flawed and real.  Poppy’s flaws make for much hilarity in her relationship with Sam.  I love how Sam is always so positive with Poppy.  He helps her to build her confidence and find her self-worth.  I love how Sam has so much patience for Poppy’s mix-ups because he understands that her mistakes come from a good place.  The best part of reading this story is that you did not want to put it down.  It keeps you interested right from the start and gives you many awwww moments along the way.  I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good romance that includes mystery and a bunch of humor.  This book was amazing!


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