The Bone Witch: Book Review

By: Rin Chupeco

Tea lives in a time and place where witches are real, and they serve their King. One fateful afternoon, while attending her brother’s funeral, she raises him from the dead.  Tea is what they call a Bone Witch.  She can perform necromancy and because of this  she is someone that the people are afraid of. The story begins when a Bard comes to see Tea and requests the honor of telling her story.  She agrees to give him a few days and she begins to tell him how she came to be exiled and powerful.  Her story involves her younger years, her training and her heartbreaks. Her training includes becoming what is called an asha, which is a powerful witch. 

This book was very wordy and long.  It felt as if the author had a thesaurus present while writing the sentences and kept changing things up to make them more interesting.  I didn’t really like the story.  It was a lot of asha this and asha that.  Tea isn’t happy through the better part of the story and the book is a bit miserable in parts. There was a good bit of fantasy, but it was hard to wade through all the descriptive words.  This book is meant for more of a teen audience and it is obvious by the way its written.  The topics of bullying, teen heartbreak and necromancy are prevalent. I wouldn’t read it again and I wouldn’t recommend it to others.  It is hard to explain why but I would say it is just too much period.  Some people may like this kind of fantasy but to me it was kid-ish.


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