An Easy Death: Book Review

By: Charlaine Harris

Lizbeth is living in a different world than we know. In her world, there is no United States and living is hard and rough.  This world includes wizards and a different world order. Lizbeth is called a gunnie.  A gunnie is a hired gun that is hired to help people cross into different lands and whatnot. On a run, her entire crew is killed, and Lizbeth manages to deliver a truckload of people to their destination. She is then hired by a couple of wizards to search for another magic man. The book is covers that journey with a lot of action along the way.

I enjoy Charlaine Harris books.  This book is no different. It is, however, much different than the Sookie Stackhouse books that had a lot of humor.  This story isn’t too heavy, but it does not have the humor of the Stackhouse stories. Don’t get me wrong, the story is well written, and the characters are easy to picture in your head. Lizbeth is a strong woman and she takes her job very seriously. The wizards are not so flamboyant as to be unbelievable.  The story does include a lot of homosexual references, whore houses and a ton of killing. Think of the old west stories that have saloons and little ghost towns.  It was a good read if you like a sort of old western feel.